Crime Watch Program

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Volunteers met January 23 and discussed which homes and streets are assigned to each Block Captain and Assistant Block Captains. The Block Captains and Assistant Block Captains will be visiting their assigned homes soon to meet each resident and to find out how each resident prefers to be notified of any concerns or crime in the neighborhood. There are a few streets that need a Block Captain; Crossview Drive from #116-208, Fairview Lake Way from #1-116 and Summerlin Place. The Neighborhood Crime Watch signs should be available in February or as soon as the new Sheriff approves their design.

Please contact Wendy McNatt if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or are interested in volunteering for Block Captain or Assistant Block Captain. We are all in this together and I appreciate your concern for safety in the community!  864-201-1569  Facebook

Block Captains and Assistant Block Captains

Street  Block Captain & Asst Block Cpt. Assigned Homes
Bayview Court Kimberly Young BC All Homes on Baview Ct.
Conerton Pass Greg & Donna Petrocco BC All homes on Cornerton Pass
Crossview Drive Phil Forrester  Asst #1-18
Crossview Drive Wendy McNatt  BC 19-116
Crossview Drive 116-208
Crossview Drive Dave & Yvonne Voyles  Asst BC
Fairview Lake Way 1-116
Fairview Lake Way Kathy Crossley Asst. BC 201-221
Fairview Lake Way Kimberly Young BC 309-409
Fairview Lake Way James & Anna Ott BC 300-309
Fairview Lake Way Sahil Talwar BC 500-517
Fairview Lake Way  Stan Yates BC 600-615
Fairview Lake Way Tim & Dawanda Evans BC 616-630
Fairview Lake Way 400
Heather Stone Ct John Obercon BC #1-29
Shadowlawn Way Leah Lancaster BC #1-6
Stonewater Drive Kristie & Tim Thome BC #1-24
Stonewater Drive Leah Lancaster BC #102, 25, 27, 29, 101, 103, 105, 107
Summerchase Drive Stan Yates
Summerfield Court Barbara Conway BC
Summerlin Place
Watercrest Court Nathan Hatfield Asst.BC #1-6
Watercrest Court Scott Kyle Asst BC
Waterstone Way Joshua Bugg BC #500-512
Waterton Way Mary Grimm BC #5-21
Waterton Way Chris Glover  BC 101-203
Waterton Way Kim Swiderski BC 303-321
Waterton Way John Barrett Asst BC 303-321
Waterton Way Anne Miller BC 322-401
Woodmore Court James & Anna Ott BC