Architectural Request Committee

The ARC reviews and grants approval for any changes or additions that you would like to make to the outside of your home or outside structures. You must submit a completed form to the committee for their consideration. ARC forms can be found on our website. Failure to gain prior approval may result in corrective actions at the homeowner’s expense.

ARC Form

If you need a map of your property to turn into the committee you can find it at (Internet Explorer works best for this)
1. Click Ok on disclaimer popup
2 Click on the “Parcel Search” button
3. Enter the subdivision name and click the grey search button
4. Using the “Next” button if necessary find your name and click on it
5. In the dropdown box click on your name and an arial view of your property will show on the right side of the screen
6. Click the printer icon at the top of the page to print a copy.