Licensed/Insured Handyman Needed

Hello Neighbors!

The Fairview Lake/Waterton HOA board is looking for a licensed/insured handyman to help with the Merry-go-round. The following is a description of what needs to be done to fix it:

  1. Remove upper and lower bearings from merry-go-round.
  2. Fix greasing mechanism
    1. disassemble, and repair
    2. drill/tap cross-holes (anti-lift features)
    3. drill/tap top anti-lift feature
  3. Source and install new bearings into merry-go-round
  4. Assemble Merry-go-round top onto base
    1. Bolt in greasing mechanism through existing holes in the base shaft
    2. Bolt in top anti-lift washer
    3. Add grease to mechanism

If you are interested in giving a quote for the job please email the board at:

Thank you so much!

~Fairview Lake Waterton HOA Board
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